7,000 bikers to cause motorway chaos in Soldier F protest

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Motorists are to expect to see thousands of bikers if they are travelling on the M25 today.

The convoy of 7,000 motorcyclists will make their way into London from Kent and other areas across the country as part of a stand.

This rally has been arranged by armed forces veterans in support of a former soldier, 77, who has been charged with murder over his part in Bloody Sunday.

He faces two murder charges relating to deaths in Londonderry in 1972.

Participants in the demonstration plan on making their way to Westminster after meeting at various points between 11am and noon.

Those meeting points are thought to include Thurrock, Clacket Lane and South Mimms Services on the M25, London Gateway Services on the M1 and Heston Services on the M4.

Bikers from Kent are also reportedly meeting at Nell's Cafe in Gravesend and are likely to be setting off fairly early in the morning.  

Rider Fred Staszewski wrote on Facebook saying:

“Just a heads up, please be aware that this Friday 12th April there will be many motorcycles on ALL roads leading to London.

“There are groups of riders coming from the 4 corners of the country and it is estimated that 7,000 bikes will be in attendance.

“There are 5 designated assembly points around the M25 before the push into central London.

“Please take extra care out there on Friday and watch out for the bikers.”

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