'Our lady of tears': news headlines on Notre Dame fire

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Front pages of French and British newspapers are filled with images of 850-year-old Gothic cathedral ablaze.

The fire that broke out at Notre Dame Cathedral, destroying the roof and causing the spire to collapse in front of horrified onlookers, is the lead story on the front pages in both France and the UK today.

We lead with the French papers, which devote their front pages to the story and striking images of the blaze. La Croix, a French Catholic newspaper, has the headline: “Le coeur en cendres” (Heart in ashes).

Les Echos calls it “La tragédie de Paris” (The tragedy of Paris), adding that the “violent fire” had “ravaged” the cathedral, leading to “considerable worldwide emotion”.

Le Parisien’s headline is “Notre-Dame des Larmes” (Our lady of tears).

Le Figaro calls it “Le désastre” (The disaster) and says that “testimonies of solidarity and sadness had flooded in from all over the world”.

The Times’ headline is “Battle to save Notre Dame”, saying that the fire had taken just five hours to devastate the 855-year-old cathedral and that “experts had warned of risk to Gothic masterpiece”.
The Daily Telegraph features a dramatic picture of the blaze at dusk, under the headline “Paris weeps for its beloved lady”. The article says that “the heart of Paris was torn asunder” by the blaze.
The Guardian reports on the cause of the blaze, saying that “Police said they believed the inferno began accidentally and may be linked to building work at the cathedral”.

The Sun can’t resist a pun: “Notre Doom” and uses the picture of the precise moment that the spire collapsed.

The i leads with “Tragedy of Notre Dame” and its front page includes a quote from Emmanuel Macron: “Part of all of us burns”.
The FT includes a picture of the cathedral in flames and reports “a devastating fire ripped through Notre Dame cathedral in Paris as the landmark was undergoing renovation work”, but its main story is “Goldman dashes shake-up hopes”.

The Express also leads with a different story but features pictures of the cathedral in flames, saying “a nation weeps as inferno engulfs Notre Dame”.

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