Acid attack victims call for Jo Brand's arrest as she maintains "it was NOT a mistake"

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Several victims of brutal acid attacks in Britain have spoken out to condemn comedian Jo Brand after she suggested throwing acid rather than milkshakes at right-wing politicians.

Sophie Hall was injured during the acid attack carried out by Arthur Collins (the father of The Only Way is Essex star, Ferne McCann's baby) who threw acid into a crowd of people at a Hackney nightclub.

Sophie has called for the police to arrest 61 year old Jo Brand who maintains that her so-called 'joke' was NOT a mistake, insisting: 'I don't think it's a mistake. If you think it is I'm happy to accept that.'

Sophie said: 'The police need to arrest her so others will think twice and realise it isn't a joking matter, far from it.

'Something so serious needs to be treated seriously. 

'A lot of people watch her and she is obviously a big influence and for her to joke about something like that takes away the seriousness of the act.

'We live in such a society today, that it's sad to say there are some very psychotic people out there that she might influence to actually do something like that.' 

In an interview she toldThe Mirror: 'It's upsetting that someone like that in the public eye could even make a joke about it. I think it's absolutely outrageous.

'She should never have joked about it in the first place because it's not a joking matter.'

'Jo should go and to a burns unit and see what it does and see if she can make a joke about it afterwards after seeing the trauma people have gone through.' 

Another acid attack victim, 33 year old Andreas Christopheros has called both Jo Brand and the BBC 'reckless and deeply stupid.'

Andreas was the victim of a mistaken identity acid attack on his own doorstep at his home in Truro, Cornwall.

In 2014 Andreas Christopheros' was left blind and scarred for life when a stranger, David Phillips, turned up on his doorstep and hurled battery acid across his face. 

Andreas told the Sun Online: 'I'm all for comedy and free speech, I've laughed at acid attack jokes before, but this is different. 

'It's a reckless and deeply stupid thing to put out there on a radio show and both she and the BBC should apologise.'

Brand told an audience at an event in Henley, Oxfordshire: 'Looking back it probably was somewhat a crass and ill-judged joke that might upset people. 

'Of course I'd never do anything like that. It was purely a fantasy. I'm sorry. I'm a human, I make mistakes.'

However, she went on to insist: 'I don't think it's a mistake. If you think it is I'm happy to accept that.'

25 year old Joe Davies, another acid attack victim dubbed Brand's 'joke'  'vile' and 'disgusting'.

Joe suffered horrific injuries after having drain cleaner containing sulphuric acid thrown at him by 45 year old Roger Comer, after an argument in Slough in 2017.

Joe told The Sun Online: 'It's disgusting. I can't comprehend how someone could say that and anyone could stand by it saying it's funny.

'The BBC should apologise. It's 100 per cent vile and 100 per cent not funny.

'I don't know what must be going on in someone's head to make a joke like that about another person. It's inhumane.

'It sounds to me like she needs a bit of educating.'

Despite widespread condemnation, Jo Brand attempted to justify her acid attack suggestion by claiming:

'Female politicians and public figures are threatened day in, day out, with far worse things than battery acid . . . rape, murder and what have you.

'At least I'm here and trying to explain what I did.'

'I don't think I have anyone to answer to. Nigel Farage wasn't even mentioned by me on the night so why he has taken it upon himself I don't know.'

Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage was the victim of a highly publicised attack during his political campaign for the European Elections.

An individual approached Farage an doused him in milkshake, a tactic also used against Tommy Robinson during his EU campaign.

Farage called for the police to intervene after Jo Brand suggested that battery acid would have been more appropriate than milkshakes.

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