BLM thugs demand white diners raise their fist

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I am sick to death of seeing the authorities sit back and allow these bullies to terrorise our people on our streets.

Whether they are rioting, looting, smashing, threatening, burning, or attacking...

It is time the UK and the US stopped them dead in their tracks.

From the US to the UK, we should stand in solidarity against these monsters.

They should not be aloud to bully women and children, or burn our flags, or detroy our statues.

British and American patriots have a right and a DUTY to defend our land, our flag and our children!

I do not care about political correctness Jayda; things have gone WAY TOO FAR.

I stand in solidarity with the patriots of America!

I want to see American patriots take their country back!

And I intend to LEAD the people of Britain in the fight to take OUR country back!

That is why I continue to campaign for our groomed children.

That is why I established the British Freedom Party.

That is why I launched the ONLY nationalist newspaper in Britain.

Because I love my country and my people and I will defend them no matter what!

Are you with me?

Will YOU get behind the ONLY party that is going to stand up for our people without compromise?

Please chose one of the following options:

Jayda Fransen

British Freedom Party Leader

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