Britain's Got Talent air routine glorifying George Floyd and BLM

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We are living in an age where it is dangerous for our kids to watch television.

Yet another 'family TV show' has been used to target our children with anti-white political messages.

On Saturday, Britain's Got Talent allowed an outrageous dance routine to be aired for all of our children to see.

The performance by the dance group Diversity was glorifying the Black Lives Matter movement AND the serial criminal George Floyd.

This was an anti-white performance... on 'Britain's Got Talent'!

No matter what your thoughts are on the death of George Floyd, the fact remains that he was a dangerous serial offender who held a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach whilst he and his pals robbed her home.

Because he died in police custody - after resisting arrest whilst high on drugs - DOES NOT make him a hero or an angel.

BGT is meant to be a family friendly show, aimed primarily at children...

Which makes it the least appropriate place to act out a race-baiting routine accusing Britain of being institutionally racist!

They are trying to brainwash our children.

Boycott Britain's Got Talent.

I refuse to watch a TV show that would broadcast a dance routine accusing Britain of racism.

BGT is meant to showcase the most talented people of Britain... not support Black Lives Matter terrorists and violent criminals.

At least 1,121 people complained to the regulatory body Ofcom about this shocking attempt to politicise a so-called family show.

For me, making a complaint is not enough.

The people of Britain should show ZERO tolerance towards this anti-white, anti-British spectacle and boycott the show.

ITV - just like the rest of the biased media - need to realise that WE, the people, hold the power, not them!

If they attempt to indoctrinate our children in this way, they will see their ratings hit the floor.

We would rather spend that hour with the TV off, talking to our children, than let them soak up that dangerous anti-white propaganda.

I believe the responsibility to protect our children from this terror falls upon OUR shoulders.

The media CANNOT be trusted

If you are willing to be a role model for all of the children of Britain who need OUR protection, show your commitment and join the British Freedom Party today.

Not only are we the fastest growing UK party...

We are the ONLY party dedicated to restoring a decent, traditional Britain for OUR children, and theirs.

Join us today and become a role model for our future generations:

Yours sincerely,

Jayda Fransen

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