The Queen should uphold the peoples vote!

Will you help me get our voice heard.

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Ban all ISIS members from returning to UK

By banning all returning ISIS members and by removing their citizenship and passports it would help keep the UK safe from terrorists and their actions. It would also save hundreds of thousands of pounds and time of the police and security service...

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Brexit Revolution! Sign the Petition

In June 2016 the British people voted to LEAVE the corrupt European Union... Since then we have been ignored and betrayed by the backstabbing British establishment! We are fed up with the excuses, we are fed up with the lies, we are fed up with ou...

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Stop Censoring Patriots! Sign the petition!

YouTube is the latest one of the big tech firms to censor British patriots! After being BANNED from Twitter and Facebook, both Jayda Fransen and Tommy Robinson have now been SHAMELESSLY censored by YouTube! Jayda Fransen even had a video about Bre...

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Make St. George's Day a Bank Holiday - Sign the Petition!

A nation’s patron Saint should be celebrated. Saint George is the patron Saint of England. The red and white 'St. George's Cross' is the flag of England. England is one of a very select few nations who do not hold the privilege of being granted th...

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Proscribe Extinction Rebellion - Sign the Petition!

Extinction Rebellion are extremists who should be proscribed as Domestic Terrorists. Their sustained assault on London has resulted in over 1300 arrests so far, wasting British taxpayers money and valuable police resources. After closing down stre...

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Jail Terrorists for LIFE - Sign the Petition!

Britain has been devastated by countless Islamic terror attacks. The Manchester Arena bomber Hashem Abedi has just been sentenced to 55 years in prison. He avoided a 'whole life term' because he was under 21 when he built the bomb that killed 22 i...

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Jayda Fransen