Facebook BAN me for Shamima Begum video

Recently I posted a video on Facebook about Shamima begum.
In my video I criticise the unrepentant 'Jihadi Bride' as well as the Home Office and Danny Dyer.
Well it seems that was a step too far for Facebook and they have BANNED me for 30 days!
When you cannot criticise a 'woman' who justifies the Manchester Arena terror attack with a grin on her face, you know you are being censored at the highest level!
I have not said anything that hasn't been said by the likes of Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson, yet I am banned within hours of posting that video.
Remember, Facebook have already deleted my 'Jayda Fransen' official page which had 300,000 followers.

They did this whilst I was sitting in a cell 'down the block' in a Cat A prison last year.

This is just another layer of censorship and pressure to try and convince me that this battle is not worth fighting.

The authorities and big tech companies want to see me buckle under this pressure - then I cant expose the reality of what is happening in our country.

Thats NEVER going to happen!

I won't buckle under pressure, I can promise you that - but I do need your help please {{recipient.first_name_or_friend}}.

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Please share it with your friends and comrades, post it into any patriotic groups you are in, send it to your family and your neighbours.

The reality is, the ONLY was I will survive this tirade of pressure is if you make sure I am not silenced!

Together we will win this. No Surrender.

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