Female cyclists forced to apologise for violating Sharia Law by wearing 'sexy' clothes

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A group of female cyclists have been rounded up and forced to apologise for violating Islamic Sharia Laws by wearing 'sexy' clothes.

The authorities summoned the nine women in the devout Muslim province of Banda Aceh after a team photo circulated online.

In the photo the women are pictured in long-sleeved pink t-shirts and dark trousers, and most were not wearing headscarves under their helmets.

The women have been made to undergo religious counselling after the furious mayor ordered officers to track the group down.

Irwan, a spokesman at the provincial government said: 'They have violated the Islamic sharia provisions in our province which forbid sexy clothing.'

He confirmed the nine women, as well as one man,  were summoned to the office. 

'They have admitted their mistake, publicly apologised and said they would not do it again,' Irwan said. 

People in the area of Aceh, on the western tip of Indonesia, have been publicly flogged for adultery, selling alcohol and for engaging in gay sex in accordance with Sharia Law.

An Acehnese law, known as Qanun 11/2002, requires Muslims to 'dress modestly'.

Local religious police and vigilantes often raid homes and workplaces to detain people on suspicion of criminal behaviour.

The government spokesman confirmed that the cyclists were allowed to go home after they apologised 'voluntarily'.

He said the women were given counselling that they should dress modestly under Islamic teachings.

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