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I am FREE and Now I Will Stand Once Again In the Defence of Our Nation!

I was in Court in Belfast yesterday, being sentenced for so called ‘Hate Speech’.

When I first arrived, it seemed a dead certainty that I was being sent back to jail… after spending most of last year behind bars, I was not over the moon!

BUT, after months and months of pressure and years of State persecution, I FINALLY had a good result!

The Judge agreed to give me 180 hours Community Service as an alternative to me spending a year in jail.

This also means that the ongoing attack on me in England is over!

I am free to live in my home in Northern Ireland without fear of being arrested during the early hours of every morning and being dragged back to England.

As you can imagine, my spirits are very high right now!

Finally, I have caught a break and my hard work battling the Probation Service in England has paid off.

They have waved the white flag and agreed to let me live in peace.

I want to thank YOU for standing with ME throughout this ordeal. Thank you.

So – here’s the even better news:

Do you remember when I announced I had departed from Britain First earlier on this year – I promised you something big was coming?

The state failed to break me so now we move on, together to take OUR Country BACK! Are YOU with ME?

I am finally free to move forward with my plans and I know you will want to be part of them.

What the State didn’t factor in to their tireless campaign of attacks against me is that I would come out the other side battled hardened and ready for action!

Thanks to the corrupt British establishment, I spent the best part of last year forging plans for my future… for OUR future.

If this experience has taught me anything, it is that the cry of ‘No Surrender’ is one that I will always live by.

There are very exciting times ahead now, so I need to get organised and I need YOUR help to start the National Fightback. Are you in?

Here’s a list of what I need to get the whole operation up and running.

You know I am committed, and EVERY penny will be used wisely to fight for our Nation, YOUR children’s future and for the future of every single British patriot!

Broadcast quality video camera lighting and auxiliary equipment   £4,500

Video editing suite and software £1,900

Transport Vehicle Used people carrier £3,000

Office equipment, stationary, start-up pack £2,500

IT support, training and implementation £2,000

Banners, Poster, placards and campaign leaflets 100,000 £ 2,750

Travel costs and accommodation for first 3 months £1800

Total £18,450

That list is what I need to get me back in action after spending the last year locked up like a caged lion!

You know I am committed, and EVERY penny will be used wisely to fight for our Nation, YOUR children’s future and for the future of every single British patriot!

Are you able to help me? I need you to stand with me as we revolutionise the way we, the people fight back. Can I count you In as my comrade and friend?

I am deadly serious about this cause and despite all of the harsh punishments that have been inflicted upon me, I have never wavered.

The persecution I suffered has not weakened my loyal heart one bit! it has all made me even more determined to continue my fight against the corruption that is engulfing the West.

You can be a part of my plans – I want you to be.

Please chip in whatever you can afford to get this off the ground and let’s move on with our plans to defend our rights & freedoms and to uncover & defeat the evil agendas working against us all.

Please click the button below to be a part of this new movement and to get the necessary supplies:

Yours sincerely,

Jayda Fransen

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