Will you please help Buster?

As many people know, I have a little pug named Buster - he needs urgent help.

I have no contact with most of my family and have spent years being hounded by police for my activism.

Throughout my turbulent life, Buster has been my only source of comfort and stability - and now he is very, very sick.

Buster has spent 2 weeks in a veterinary hospital receiving emergency treatment to keep him stable and had an emergency CT Scan.

He now needs life saving treatment and possibly surgery which my pet insurance will not cover.

To someone who doesn't own a dog, I know this might seem rather strange - But ALL dog owners know that they are not just pets, they are family.

I live alone, I am unmarried, with no children; Buster IS my family and I am desperate to save him.

This is not a political appeal. I do not need your help with leaflets, newspapers or an election, I am personally asking if you are able to help little Buster.

Most 'normal' people would set up a GoFundMe account, but I am BANNED from using their platform.

So I am reaching out to the network of loyal patriots, animal lovers and BFP members that I have come to know over my years dedicated to this cause.

If you can, please help save Buster:

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Jayda Fransen