Jayda Fransen on trial for Belfast Speech

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Just thought I would give you an update on today's events. Well once again I am in Court in Belfast on trumped up charges that are no more than the states continuing attack on anyone talking about Islam , Rape gangs , Terrorists or ANYTHING that upsets the ‘Special ones’.

Here is the video that landed me in court today facing a YEAR in jail

Sadly, the reality is that I face another YEAR in Jail in Belfast and I still have ANOTHER case pending. So, as you can see the state isn’t playing with me, they REALLY want to silence and destroy me but I WILL NOT HAPPEN!

I swear to you before God that there will be NO SURRENDER, NO RETREAT from my defending my people, our young girls and my faith. As you know, I AM NO LONGER WITH BRITAIN FIRST so I am relying on my small band of supporters to stand with me during these trials and the whole ordeal.

 I will never let you down and I respectfully ask you to support me IF you can in any small way. I have no money or even safe home to go to so I really am up against it but I remain on fire for our cause and ready to fight to the death for Britain and our people, NO MATTER THE COST TO ME.

I need to know if YOU are with me?

You can help me right now today by sharing this video to ALL your contacts on social media as this really will assist me. You can also donate ANYTHING you can to my costs. I know you will do what you can and I appreciate that. I will send you a report later on the court proceedings today IF I am allowed out!!

I have set up a Go Fund Me page at the suggestion of a number of supporters.

If you are able to give anything at all to help my current situation I would be extremely grateful.


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