Jim Davidson NAILS IT in superb rant!

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We don't often see celebrities saying it as it is these days.

Most celebs are part of the Woke-Brigade who specialise in virtue signalling from their ivory towers.

Well, in a welcome break from the norm, we finally see a celebrity call a spade a spade.

In a SUPERB rant, stand-up comedian Jim Davidson OBE, told a few home truths about the Black Live Matter phenomenon.

Not many celebrities would have the BOTTLE to speak out like this!

Of course, the Lefty Lovies - who kneel in front of BLM rioters - are having a meltdown!

Jim suggested that the fame-hungry dance group 'Diversity' - who recently performed a BLM tribute on Britain's Got Talent - should do a routine on muggings!

The spectacular YouTube rant has gone viral and has sent the liberals into a blind rage!


In this day and age it takes REAL courage to speak out against the dangerous Marxist agendas!

That is just what this country needs; a good old fashioned dose of COURAGE!

If YOU are willing to put your head above the parapet and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH then join the British Freedom Party today.

We are a party built on courage and decency!

We are the ONLY party dedicated to restoring a decent, traditional Britain for OUR future generations.

Join us today and become the voice of the silent majority:

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Jayda Fransen

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