Iran Deport Joss Stone to stop her singing in Islamic Republic

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British soul singer, Joss Stone has been denied access to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Stone was travelling to Iran's Kish Island which is an economic free zone.

In Iran solo performances by women are prohibited.

Posting on Instagram, Joss Stone says she was 'detained' and 'deported' by Iranian authorities.

Iranian authorities blacklisted the singer over fears that she might perform in public, which is illegal for females in the country.   

Stone arrived in the Islamic Republic as part of her worldwide concert tour, although she did not plan to perform in Iran.

In a video posted to her Instagram account, Stone can be seen wearing a white headscarf saying: 'Well, we got to Iran, we got detained and then we got deported.'   

Joss Stone ran into criticism earlier in the year when she visited Saudi Arabia an expressed her support for the Niqab (which is commonly referred to as the Burka in the UK).

The Niqab / Burka is a full face covering veil worn by Muslim women.  

When visiting Saudi Arabia, Stone told her fans on Instagram: 'The women here are strong and exercising their choice to be free, wear what they want and do what they want,'

Her post was met with fury from fans, with one replying: 'The niqab is not a symbol of a free, powerful woman, it is one of oppression. Western liberal progressives and feminists are falsely portraying it as something beautiful and powerful.'

So far this year, at least 104 people have been executed by Saudi Arabia.

In 2018, Saudi Arabia carried out 149 executions during the whole year.

Iran carried out at least 977 executions in 2015, at least 567 executions in 2016, and at least 507 executions in 2017.

Iran is estimated to have executed 273 people in 2018, the second highest figure in the world.


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