London Probation Service tell Jayda "“We have lots of homeless people on PSS”

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Yesterday I had an appointment with my Probation Officer in London.

I released the following video afterwards:

Can you believe that she actually told me “it’s not a problem” for me to be homeless?

The Probation Service have systematically hounded me since my release from prison.

I have been arrested on a plane, taken to court, bailed, then brought back to court and now I have been BANNED from living in my own home in Northern Ireland!

I was told yesterday “we have lots of homeless people on PSS, you would just need to attend supervision appointments more regularly, so it’s not a problem”.

This is the ‘Extremism Unit’ of London Probation telling me they would be happier for me to be homeless on the streets of England than to be safe in my home in Northern Ireland.

It really is shocking.

I have been given permission to attend two trials in Belfast which are taking place tomorrow and Thursday then I have to go back to England where I literally have nowhere to live.

As you know, I have left of Britain First, I am now on my own and to be honest, I need some support.

I have remained as strong and determined as possible over the past year, most of which I spent behind bars but the pressure is mounting and I cannot do it all on my own.

I have set up a Go Fund Me page at the suggestion of a number of supporters.

If you are able to give anything at all to help my current situation I would be extremely grateful.


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