Next James Bond 'won't be white' claims industry exec

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"The next James Bond won't be white" according to one industry executive as the hunt for the next 007 intensifies.

Daniel Craig left the role of James Bond after his fifth movie, No Time To Die, hit cinemas.

This marked his 15th year as the iconic superspy, but all good things must come to an end. And since then, the race to become the next James Bond has raged on.

Two years after No Time To Die was released, a TV executive told GB News: "The next James Bond won't be white."

“I think the days of a white Bond are over. You could look to the recent casting of Doctor Who as a bellwether in that respect.

“I’d be particularly surprised if it was a white, clipped, upper middle class English actor. That would be a bold move but I think it would be suicidal for the Broccoli franchise.

“If you’d asked me about six years ago, I'd have said it’d be Idris Elba. I think his time might have gone now as I think he may be perceived as too old.”

Bond bosses Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli have already confirmed the next James Bond can be played by an actor of any colour.

Broccoli told The Hollywood Reporter: "He should be British, so British can be any [ethnicity or race]. I think one of the successes of Bond is that it isn't afraid to change with the times. Sometimes it got a little stuck in the time, but the books were written in the '50s, the films started in the '60s. I mean, the world has changed dramatically since then. We've just had to constantly reinvent him, and we've had the opportunity with each new actor to recalibrate the series."

And there are some major actors of colour in the Bond odds at the moment. Ladbrokes places British star Regé-Jean Page at 8/1, while Sope Dirisu has 16/1.

Riz Ahmed is also in the running with a staggering 33/1, while Chiwetel Ejiofor has 40/1 at the moment.

Broccoli has reportedly circulated a shopping list for Bond to be British, less than 40 years of age and around 5’10 which would push 50 year old Idris Elba out of the race.

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