Northern Ireland 'ban' referred to Human Rights Commission

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My trials in Northern Ireland have now been heard and I am waiting to find out if I will be sent back to jail for a year.

I am under a huge amount of pressure from the state...

As well as facing prison AGAIN, I’ve been de-platformed from most social media sites, I’m having payment processors shut down and - just in case that’s not enough pressure - the Probation Service AND the Courts in England have BANNED me from living in my own home in Northern Ireland!

I am banned from travelling abroad and SO15 Counter Terror Police have confiscated my Passport so I can’t leave the country... but Northern Ireland is part of the UK! Yet they are still BANNING me from living there.

This relentless pressure is designed to break me, but it won’t! I can promise you that!

I have now referred this matter to the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and asked them to help me stay in my own home and avoid homelessness in England.

Please share my latest video and encourage all of your family, friends and fellow patriots to sign up to my email updates.

It is imperative that I can stay in touch with you all whilst I fight against this torment being waged against me by the corrupt establishment.

I hope you can give me a small amount of your time to share my video and web link.

The state cannot defeat is if we all stick together and we can only do that if I know how to contact each other.

I thank you in advance for your dedication and support.

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