Nursery goes 100% Vegan WITHOUT consulting parents

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Angry parents have blasted a UK nursery after they switched their menu to 100% vegan - without consulting parents.

From January 2020, Jigsaw Day Nurseries in Chester will introduce the new menu removing meat, fish, eggs and dairy products for its 260 children aged 0-4.

The two nurseries, which are Chester's largest private childcare provider, will now only offer an entirely plant-based diet.

Parents have slammed the decision to ‘go vegan’ which was made with consulting them first.


However, the founder of the nurseries, Claire Taylor, is unapologetic and says she made the decision 'with the children and the planet's future in mind.' 

Childcare at the nursery is rated 'Good' by Ofsted and costs between £235 and £240 per week, or £48 to £49 a day, including meals and snacks.

Infants being cared for there will now be fed the likes of a lentil-based 'Shepherdless Pie', coconut rice pudding desserts and cereal served with soy or oat milk.


Outraged parents say the nurseries are 'imposing a lifestyle choice' which 'discriminates' against their meat-eating children.

Despite complaints, the defiant founder, Claire Taylor insists: 'The food that the children eat within our nurseries not only has an impact on everyone in the setting but also on the health of our planet.'

Parents now have the option of switching their children to vegan or finding alternative healthcare.

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