Objections to Sheffield mosque extension ruining Victorian architecture

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The local community have filed a number of objections to the proposed extension of a Sheffield mosque.

Plans to extend a mosque have completely split the local community – with hundreds of indigenous people voting against it and hundreds of Muslim residents voting for it.

The Masjid Umar mosque in Barnsley Road, Sheffield, wants to demolish neighbouring 304 Barnsley Road and an outbuilding to build a large two-storey extension and create a prayer hall and entrance.

There are 313 people and three petitions with a total of 113 signatures against the plans.

There have also been 311 people and a petition from the Islamic community with 165 signatures in support.

Neighbours who are objecting say it would be an overdevelopment; it would not be in keeping with Victorian and Edwardian architecture; it would exacerbate existing traffic and parking problems and there is already noise and disturbance.

Muslims in support say it will blend in, there won’t be an increase in noise and there is no current traffic congestion and parking problems. 

Its new extension would reflect traditional Islamic architecture with arched windows, minaret and styled dome. 

The new prayer hall would have room for 150 but the mosque says this maximum might be reached during the month of Ramadan at certain times of the day. The first floor would have capacity for non-prayer activities of 100 people and the education space 50 people.

A dozen parking spaces and cycling provision would be created.

Planning officers are advising councillors to approve the scheme, subject to a management plan with conditions restricting the range of uses and the capacity of the building.

Councillors will make a decision at a meeting on Tuesday, July 14.

You can view and object to the application here:



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