Oxford college threatens to expel students who misgender trans peers

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Students at the University of Oxford could be expelled for misgendering their peers.

Regent’s Park College has announced tough measures for anyone caught "consistently using incorrect pronouns".

The historic College, a prestigious institution within the University of Oxford has unveiled their new transgender harassment policy which means students now face the risk of expulsion for consistently misgendering or deadnaming their transgender peers.

The policy explicitly declares that any "unlawful discriminatory behaviour, including transphobic harassment or bullying, will be regarded extremely seriously and could be grounds for disciplinary action."

The statement sets out a range of examples of transphobic harassment, including the persistent use of incorrect titles, pronouns, or names that cause distress to transgender individuals, commonly known as "deadnaming."

The college also strictly prohibits intrusive or personal questioning, making derogatory jokes about trans people or their identities, and challenging the validity of someone's gender identity.

While Regent’s Park College went on to concede that “it is not possible to have a comprehensive definition of transphobia,” bbby implementing a specific policy about gender identity, Regent’s Park College is thought to be the first college to recognise trans as a protected characteristic.

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