Paedophile caught with child-sized bras is jailed

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Vile child rapist, Samiral Choudhury from Entwistle Street, Rochdale has been jailed.

Samiral Choudhury, 30, was stopped by police back in 2017 as part of a huge investigation into the supply of cocaine and heroin to the North West and Midlands.

Police found a kilo of cocaine in Choudhury’s vehicle and he was jailed for four years after admitting intent to supply a Class A drug.

At the time of his arrest police also seized a set of keys which were later used to open a locked metal cabinet in his bedroom at his home.

Inside the cabinet were ten child-sized bras and a USB stick.

On both the USB stick and on Choudhury's mobile phone police found indecent images of girls thought to be as young as seven years old.

The bras were described by an officer as "training bras used by young girls who are just starting to develop breasts during puberty” had been kept as "trophies" of his appalling abuse.

On his phone police found a 48 second long video showing the sexual abuse of a child.

Experts who examined the footage told the court the estimated age of the child was between seven and ten years of age.

The phone also contained two images of a young girl on a bed with a man’s hand groping her breast.

Police also found videos on Choudhury’s mobile phone of a woman taking a shower, filmed using a camera cable through a hole in a wall.

Specialist officers identified Choudhury's fingerprint from a still image of a hand taken from one of the high definition videos downloaded from his phone.

Police assessing the video took still pictures of his fingers and zoomed in on the ridges and swirls of his finger.

Choudhury was today jailed for seven years and two months after admitting sexual assault by penetration of a child under 13, sexual assault of a child under 13 and voyeurism.


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