Jayda Fransen reports Probation Officer to Police

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I have reported my Probation Officer to the Police!

Today I had to call the police and file a crime report against my Probation Officer!

I am in possession of irrefutable evidence that she lied in court during my trial on 6th February 2019.

She took the stand and told the judges the same lies she had told me since November 2018 (when I finally finished my 9 month sentence).

She has put these lies in writing on a number of occasions - including in a Breach Report to the Court.

Take a look at this extract from her Breach Report against me:

In this report she clearly states that The Probation Board Northern Ireland made the decision that I cannot reside at my home address in Northern Ireland.

This Breach Report was presented to the Court and on the last page it states that it was prepared and signed by my Probation Officer and dated 26th November 2018

She has also clearly stated this lie to me in emails to me:

At 10:17 on 16th November 2018 she states: “Your home address in Northern Ireland has not been approved by the Northern Irish Probation Service, this address is not an option for you to reside whilst subject to PSS.”

At 14:26 on 16th November 2018 she states: “Although we approved you to stay at your address in Northern Ireland overnight whilst subject to licence, for the purpose of you attending meetings with your solicitor. This address has not been approved for you to reside at on a long term basis.  To confirm, you only have permission to stay at the Rosary Guest House in Swanley, if you stay at any other address you will breach your Post Sentence Supervision.”

At 14:17 on 20th November 2018 she states: “The probation service in Northern Ireland responded to our query informing us that the address was not approved on 06/11/18, I informed you of this decision on 08/11/18”

At 09:52 on 30th November 2018 she states: “If another probation service assesses an address as unsuitable we are required to accept that; they are not required to provide reasons.  In regards to our discussion on 08/11/18 when I informed you that your address in Northern Ireland had not been approved, this took place over the phone.”

At 09:33 on 11th December 2018 she states: “I understand the difficulties you face, however, as the address in Northern Ireland has not been approved by the Probation Service in Northern Ireland to allow you to reside there would undermine the conditions of the PSS.”

In these emails, my Probation Officer expressly states that the Probation Board Northern Ireland refused to approve my home address on 6th November 2018.

But I now have it in black and white evidence that she was lying.

It is a criminal offence to take the stand and lie under oath.

I have complained to her about this, she will not respond.

I have complained to her line manager about this, she will not respond either.

I have lodged a formal complaint with the National Probation Service stating that I believe I am being discriminated against because of my political and religious beliefs.

And I've now reported my probation Officer to the Metropolitan Police in London.

There are a number of offences that arise out of a witness for the prosecution making false statements whilst under oath in court, they include:


Contempt of Court

Perverting the Course of Justice

I am certain that if I took the stand and lied under oath in order to get someone wrongfully convicted, I would be arrested, charged and jailed.

It seems the National Probation Service seem to think they are above the law, or at least that is the impression being given by my Probation Officer who stood confidently in the stand - whilst I was locked in a dock in Bromley Magistrates Court - and LIED to the entire courtroom.

I am sharing this information with you all as I think it is important that I reveal to you just how low the state will stoop to try and destroy my life.

Because I have been demanding an explanation from the National Probation Service, they have started fresh Breach proceedings against me that will give them the opportunity to lock me back up in jail.

I was sent the following Summons to appear in Court in England next Monday:

This is all because I want to live in my own home in Northern Ireland!

The Probation Service have already told me, they would rather see me on the streets in England than let me live in my own home in Northern Ireland.

They even went on to say that they would not be willing to provide any level of help for me to find somewhere to live in England, I just have to find somewhere, immediately.

This is the 'London Extremism Unit' of the 'National Probation Service' telling a woman that she will be prosecuted and jailed if she doesn't agree to leave her home in Northern Ireland and live on the streets of England.

If I did not have the evidence myself in black and white, I probably would not believe this is happening.

But it is, this is my current reality.

That is why I have shared this with you, so that you can see just how far these corrupt authorities will go to take me down.

I will shortly be releasing a full video update exposing just how corrupt the state are...

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