Probation 'Warning Letter'

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The 'London Extremism Probation Service' have just issued me with a 'Warning Letter'.

Their reason for doing so is that, they claim, I failed to attend an appointment in London yesterday.

My Probation officer knows that I do not live in London, I live in Northern Ireland.

I cannot be expected to attend supervision appointments in a different country!

Yet this is exactly what she is insisting I do.

And how about this for sneaky...

Despite knowing categorically that I do not live in London, she attached the above 'OFFICIAL' document in which she displays my address as being in London. 

Both the National Probation Service AND the Courts KNOW that I do not live in London.

My Probation Officer thinks that if she PRETENDS I live in London she can force me to leave my home in Northern Ireland and move to England... where I would be homeless!

How ridiculous is this situation?!

Sadly, this is my reality.

I even have a letter from a London Court ordering me to carry out Community Service in England... which they sent to my home address in Northern Ireland!

As you will see from the Court's letter, the next step is jail, more fines and more conditions.

All because I simply want to live in my own home.

I have never known anyone to come under this level of pressure from the State.

Just a few hours ago, Facebook shut down Tommy Robinson's account - just like they did to me in March 2018!

The pressure is relentless, but so is my determination and dedication to this cause!

Can you please share this post all over social media so that people know what is happening to me.

I am literally relying on your loyalty and support to let the world know about the corruption and persecution I am facing.

If the British Police State are hell-bent on making me homeless and throwing me back in jail then I know I can rely on you to make sure I am not forgotten.

I will keep fighting against this, please continue to fight with me.

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