SoccerAid players take a knee in support of Black Lives Matter

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Did you watch SoccerAid yesterday?

What a sickening display of cowering by the participants.

All of the players involved took the knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the most pathetic display of grovelling and appeasement, the players joined the referee in taking a knee before the match.

These men are spineless.

The likes of John Terry and Olly Murs were pictured kneeling in solidarity with the BLM group who have been terrorising Britain and America!

The same BLM group who have torn down statues, burnt our national flag and say they will 'enslave the white man'...

Apparently these celebs and footballers support them!

It was almost laughable watching John Terry join in with this utter stupidity given that he was fined £220,000 and banned for four games after calling Anton Ferdinand a 'f****** black c***' in 2011.

They are actually pathetic.

There is no other word to describe such overtly cringe behaviour.

Frankly, if these virtue signalling celebrities support the mobs that are smashing up my country and burning my flag, I will not be supporting them.

It is time WE made a stand.

As you may know, I am a big football fan!

But if the players are going to wear Black Lives Matter slogans on their shirts and take a knee in solidarity with a group that is trashing my country, I will simply STOP supporting them.

Just like my brothers and sisters in the US have decided to boycott the NFL for this nonsense; I too will stick to my principles.

As far as I am concerned; Black Lives Matter are terrorists.

They should be proscribed and prosecuted for the damage they continue to cause.

I will kneel for no one but God.

As patriots, we have duty to our people.

We must set an example for our children to follow, not these spineless celebrities.

No British child should EVER be encouraged to take a knee.

Am I right?

Do you agree that we must be courageous and lead by example, for the sake of our children?

If so, then join the ONLY party that is serious about shaping a strong and decent Britain for OUR future generations.

Please chose one of the following options:

Yours sincerely,

Jayda Fransen

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