TERROR WATCH: On This Day - Amsterdam Central Station Stabbing - Netherlands 2018

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ON THIS DAY, 31st August 2018, an Afghan Jihadist stabbed two US tourists at Amsterdam Central Station.

The suspect, Jawed Santani, was identified as a 19-year-old Afghan with a German residence permit.

He had arrived on a train after travelling from his home in Piesport, western Germany.

Santani had been living in the town of Piesport on the Rivel Moselle in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate having been accepted as an asylum seeker in 2015.

A 'spotter' had been tracking the knifeman, when he pulled out a blade and attacked two 38-year-old US tourists at the Dutch capital's central station last.

One of the Americans was knifed in the back before the second was stabbed.

By this stage police were just over 60ft away and immediately drew their weapons.

Santani was shot in the hip as he ran towards another person and was later arrested.

Prosecutors say the suspect believes that Islam is 'insulted' in the Netherlands, and that drove him to travel to the Netherlands to carry out an attack.

'It is apparent from his statements that he believes that in the Netherlands, the Prophet Muhammad, the Quran, Islam and Allah are repeatedly insulted,' prosecutors said in a statement.

The suspect's lawyer Simon van der Woude said: 'My client seems to have taken into account that he would not survive this action because a last will and testament was found in his house in Germany.'

The two American victims were taken to hospital and survived their injuries.


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