TERROR WATCH: On This Day - British man shot in car park - Saudi Arabia, 2004

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ON THIS DAY, 15th September 2004, a British man was shot dead walking to his car in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


A British man was shot dead by two Islamic terrorists whilst sat in his car at the Max shopping centre in eastern Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Edward Stuart Muirhead-Smith, 55, was a married father of six children and a British national.

Muirhead-Smith worked for the British telecommunications corporation Marconi as a training manager.

He had been hired in Saudi Arabia and had worked for the company for a year, said Marconi spokesman David Beck in Britain.

Marconi employed about 600 people in the Middle East providig telecommunications network services to the Saudi government, including the Defense Ministry.

A company spokesman said:

""It seems he was singled out at a parking lot for no other reason other than because he was a Westerner"

Two gunmen in a white Toyota car wearing traditional Saudi robes shot Edward Muirhead-Smith four times as he walked towards his car.

Britain's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Sherard Cowper-Coles, condemned the killing as a terrorist attack.



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