TERROR WATCH: On This Day - Coptic Father & Son Killed - Egypt, 2017

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ON THIS DAY, 22nd February 2017, Islamic militants killed a Coptic Christian father and his son in Al-Arish, Egypt.


Two Coptic citizens were found killed inside the North Sinai’s city of Al-Arish, Egypt.

Their copses had been thrown behind a state-run language school inside Al-Arish.

The two corpses belong to an elderly Coptic man named Saied Hakim—65 years old—and his son, Medhat Saied—45 years old.

The father was killed by gunshots to his head.

His son was burnt alive.

The two are believed to have been subjected to a kidnapping conducted by anonymous Islamic militants, days before the killing took place.

The kidnappers were members of the IS-affiliated group of “Sinai Province.”

The Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, with 10 to 15 million followers in the country and 18 to 25 million in other places, is the largest Christian minority in the Middle East.

On a regular basis, Coptic citizens inside North Sinai are being subjected to kidnapping by militants and are brutally killed. The main goal of these operations is to force Coptic citizens inside Al-Arish to leave.


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