TERROR WATCH: On This Day - Soldier stabbings - France, 2015

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ON THIS DAY, 3rd February 2015, three soldiers were stabbed by an Islamic terrorist whilst they were guarding a Jewish community centre in Nice, France


Three soldiers were patrolling outside a Jewish communal building in the city's Massena square which houses the Jewish community centre and a Jewish radio station.

A 30 year old Islamic terrorist of Malian origin, had been travelling on the tram without a ticket, but left the tram when ticket collectors approached him and he then targeted the soldiers.

Moussa Coulibaly rushed at one of the soldiers with a 20 centimetre (7.8-inch) knife aimed at his throat.

Coulibaly only managed to wound that soldier in the face before wounding another soldier in the arm.

The bulletproof vests worn by the soldiers prevented more serious injuries.

He slashed one soldier in the cheek, injured another in the leg and a third on the chin.

He tried to escape but was caught by a shop owner, tram workers and police patrolling nearby.

The soldiers; Sergeant Jamel, Private First Class Herve and Private First Class Gabin were awarded the Honour Medal for Courage and Devotion during a ceremony the following day.


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