Today in History: 10 September 1967 - Gibraltar Votes to remain British

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Today in History: 10th September, in 1967, Gibraltar voted to remain within Britain.


In 1704, Anglo-Dutch forces captured Gibraltar from Spain during the War of the Spanish Succession on behalf of the Habsburg claim to the Spanish throne.

The territory was ceded to Great Britain in perpetuity under the Treaty of Utrechtin 1713. 

The Gibraltar sovereignty referendum of 1967 was held on 10 September 1967, in which Gibraltarian citizens were asked whether they wished to pass under Spanish sovereignty, with Gibraltarians keeping their British citizenship and a special status for Gibraltar within Spain; or remain under British sovereignty, with institutions of self-government.

The voting slips were made out in Spanish and English, and voters had the choice of voting:

 “to pass under Spanish, sovereignty in accordance with the terms proposed by the Spanish Government on May 18, 1966,


“voluntarily to retain their link with the United Kingdom, with democratic local institutions and with the United Kingdom retaining its present responsibilities.”

The result of the Gibraltar referendum was an overwhelming vote by its inhabitants to retain their links with Britain.

Of the 12,762 Gibraltarians qualified to vote, no fewer than 12,138 voted to remain with Britain.

Only 44 opted for the transfer of the Rock to Spanish sovereignty.

During the voting there was much pro-British enthusiasm, in the shape of red, white and blue emblems.

Union Jacks decorated and garlanded cars, and slogans painted up on the walls of buildings.

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