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The ‘London Extremism Probation Service’ dragged me into court to face trial, simply for living in my own home in Northern Ireland!


The court have now said that I cannot return home - I am BANNED from Northern Ireland!

 They have said I MUST find somewhere to live in the South of England despite me being penniless and under several Death Threats from credible Jihadist groups!

The Judges and courts seem determined to serve my head on a plate to our enemies, but I will NOT go down without a fight. This I swear to YOU before God!

This is nothing short of State harassment. I am being hounded, persecuted and harassed on a daily basis, simply for living in my own home.

Remember, convicted Islamic terrorists like Choudry are not only allowed a family and home but WE the British taxpayers pick up HIS bill AND the authorities provide him with around the clock security.

 Seriously, you just could not make this up!

Will you stand with me to fight against this blatant injustice? If so, please share this video far and wide. 


Please ask all your friends and contacts to sign up to my bulletin as this is the only way I can communicate these days as the state has de-platformed me from nearly all other outlets. Let's NOT let them win.

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