For six years I have been a political activist and have dedicated my entire life to the cause.


During that period, I have endured immense scrutiny and pressure from my political opponents, terrorists and the State.


I have been abused, threatened and attacked.


My home has been attacked, I have had to move house regularly and have lived with panic alarms issued by SO15 counter terror police after receiving credible death threats.


I have been arrested countless times, I have spent more nights in police cells than I care to remember and in 2018 I was jailed for 9 months.


I am constantly being hauled before the courts and I am currently waiting to appeal my latest convictions for 'Hate Speech' which could see me imprisoned in Northern Ireland.


I have been sued by my political opponents resulting in the loss of all of my financial assets, including my home.


Most people might see that relentless hardship as a good reason to give up. I don’t.


I take that as inspiration to continue with the struggle for our nation and our people.


The world is undoubtedly under threat from an ideology that rejects assimilation and insists upon domination at all costs.


Very few nations haven’t experienced some form of terror attack in its name.


The likes of President Donald Trump understand this threat which is why he retweeted three of my videos highlighting it. 


I have campaigned across Britain and Europe to highlight the dangers to our people and to expose the hideous crimes currently being committed against them.


When thousands of English girls in one town were groomed and gang raped and it was proven that the authorities had covered it up, the world was outraged.


When children at a concert in Manchester were bombed by an individual already known to the authorities as an extremist, the world was outraged.


But these heinous acts are only made possible by our corrupt government and their complete disregard for our people and future generations.


Such grave injustices are taking place every single day, whether it’s state persecution of political activists, appeasement of extremists, brainwashing our children with liberal poison or just completely disregarding our decision to leave the European Union.


I recognise the biggest threats to my people are not just the terrorists with the bombs strapped to them, but from the ones in control of our country and the liberal agenda pushed upon us by the globalists and ruling elites.


I am sick of witnessing such injustices on an individual and collective scale and I intend to fight against them.


I believe there is a war coming to our shores and for that we must be prepared, not just physically but even more importantly, mentally and spiritually.


I intend on doing whatever is necessary of me to help bring our people to the level of strength required to take on what’s coming.


For that I am prepared to suffer.


For my people, my nation and my faith I am prepared to do whatever God requires of me.


I am a Christian before anything else. I love the Lord and I recognise that I am nothing without Him.


It is through this unwavering faith that I am able to withstand the hardships that I have already endured and those that lay ahead.


By that faith I am driven to stand up against the injustices inflicted on our people and I want you to help me fight harder than ever before for all we hold dear. Are you with me?


Whether that be the young girl who has been groomed in Rochdale,  elderly families being dragged out of their repossessed home in Ireland or the Christian congregation facing the constant threat of death and oppression in Egypt - and let us not forget the NINE MILLION British babies slaughtered by abortion - sacrificed on the high alter of liberalism!


All of these abuses could be prevented if only we had leaders who cared about more than just wealth and power.


Ignoring these crimes against our people is no longer an option, only when they are exposed will there be any change.


I intend on forcing that change.


In times of difficulty, condemnation and attack, I think of the words Jesus Himself spoke:


John 15:18 “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.”


I am ready and willing to take on the corrupt authorities, mainstream media and big tech social media giants to expose what is REALLY happening to our people.


I hope I can rely on your continued support.