The video YouTube don't want you to see...


YouTube have jumped on the bandwagon with Facebook and are censoring ALL things Tommy Robinson and Jayda Fransen!

So, when i released this video, highlighting the State orchestrated attacks that Tommy and I have suffered over the past year, they went into overdrive!

They sent me the following message:


Just look at how many countries my video is banned in! Including my own, the United Kingdom!

What an outrageous abuse of power!

I have not incited any violence or hatred, or committed any offence in my video.

I have simply exposed the levels that the British authorities are going to go to, just to stop Tommy and I being heard.

Since when did YouTube have the right to decide what we can and cannot watch?!

Anyway, defiant as I am, I have uploaded the video to a different platform so that you CAN watch and share it - despite YouTube's best efforts to stop you!

It goes without saying, but please share this post EVERYWHERE as an act of defiance towards YouTube and their attempt to restrict our freedoms!

So here it is, the video YouTube desperately don't want you to watch:


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